Gerhard Richter



Aw watttt I love when notes happen over-night! But I love him even more.

my phones been broken for the last few days so i havent been posting much so heres a lil update…

im moving on thursday (some of you knew it was wednesday but i got ofered a couple days of work so ive been slacking on packing)

and uhhh yeah i guess thats all thats going on thats new… im still a raging “alcoholic” and my car has spontaneously blown up and i havent gotten in a should be fatal accident (that happened in april, surprise surprise… im finally able to discuss it because i finally went to court.) 

and yeah im pretty much in a good spot in life and i know i post really sappy, pathetic posts about not being over some mystery “him” but i think im moving on and im really starting to feel happy again and ive been better about my drinking, smoking and drug intake. (should an eighteen year old honestly be concerned about that?)

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Sunset in Malawi


Those damn eyes
fucked me

-Charles Bukowski (via missinyouiskillingme)

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